Shutterbug - Special Features Bundle!

Shutterbug - Special Features Bundle!

This Special Features Bundle includes the following goodies:

• 'Shutterbug' full feature film.
• The 'Shutterbug' Soundtrack by Tao Zervas. 18 tracks of hypnotic cinematic ambience.
• Audience Reactions to the film.
• The Premier of the film at the NYC Greek Film Festival.
• Q&A with the cast and crew at the SVA Theater, NYC.
• Blooper Reel!
• Minos Papas looks back on the making of Shutterbug.

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Shutterbug - Special Features Bundle!

3 Videos

  • Shutterbug

    A photographer catches a glimpse of another dimension with his lens.

    His sense of reality shaken, obsessed and haunted, he embarks on a journey to discover the supernatural source of his visions.

    A romantic, metaphysical odyssey through the dark underbelly of New York City.

    • • •


  • Shutterbug Audience Reactions

    Listen to the audiences give their opinions of Shutterbug! The audience reactions from the first two public screening of Shutterbug. The first screening took place at the School of Visual Arts Theater in NYC, hosted by SVA Film Chairman Reeves Lehmann and the late Film History Professor Gene Stav...

  • NYC Greek Film Festival Screening

    Professor Jimmy Demetro, director of the NYC Greek Film Festival introduces Shutterbug at the 3rd Annual NYCGFF. Filmmaker Minos Papas gives a brief Q&A and the audience gives their reaction on camera.

  • Shutterbug

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